Windows PC  Services

Troubleshoot and Repair Software and Hardware Issues

including Virus, Trojan, Ad & Spyware infestations...

We can help with peripheral equipment installations or problem issues, such as Routers and Access Points (wired or wireless), Printers or All-In-One units, Scanners and Label Printers, Webcams, Digital Cameras (still or video), etc.

We can install a Hard Drive or Memory upgrade, or install
& configure your new gaming Video Card.

We'll take care of your new DVD burner or Blu-ray drive.

Data Recovery

Lose your data?  Press the POWER button for 5 sec's to perform a hard shutdown, then call us at (760) 522-1021. We'll do everything we can to recover all your important data.

If your hard disk drive is making a grinding noise, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY!

»  Press and hold the Power button until it shuts down.

Network Setup

We can set up your domain or workgroup. We can set your permissions and configure your systems to control how your children surf the web.

A good rule is to avoid allowing your young kids to have access to the internet in a closed area such as their bedroom.
Adult supervision or presence is highly recommended.

Senior and Veteran Rates

We understand that seniors didn't grow up in the Computer Era. New things we don't initially understand often intimidate us, but computers are really quite straightforward or they simply wouldn't be in every household.

Grasping a few fundamentals is often all it takes. We're glad to assist in any way possible, including a hands-on learning experience.

The owner is a member of  Sons of The American Legion
- Squadron 416
  and is glad to assist any Veteran.


Software Installations

We can install or re-install your Windows operating system or configure and tweak your op-sys and other software products. We also perform Windows operating system upgrades.

We can also perform Windows System Recovery or Restore procedures.

Hardware Upgrades and New Equipment

We can assist you in determining what you need, and help you get a good deal. We'll even do your shopping for you.

Performance Issues - Tune-Up

If your computer is getting a bit sluggish or even pausing at times, we can clean it up for you.

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