Burnett Web Design - Team Web Designing

We've assembled a group to discuss details for the creation of a team aimed as assisting individuals and small businesses with their Web Site Designs and Maintenance.

We are currently in operation but desire to expand by pooling our talents for the largest selection of options while optimizing for the highest quality and timely turnouts.



Burnett Computer Services - Windows Platform

The company's manager, an electronics engineer, has been working with computers since 1972 when he began programming in FORTRAN. He was hooked immediately . . .

He's worked on room sized computers, semiconductor testers in a manufacturing environment, as well as PCs and Apples.

Burnett Computer Services provides many of the needs of home and small business Windows based computer users in the North County San Diego region, but at a lower cost than other groups with larger overhead and profit margin considerations.

We specialize in Windows based PC computer hardware and software installations (including network routers, switches and wireless), upgrades, updates and repairs, as well as virus infection recovery, and most other consumer needs.

We can also assist the consumer with the purchase of a computer or laptop (notebook or netbook). We will help you determine current and future requirements in order to help you acquire what you need now as well as later. We'll help guide you to the best deals currently available.